We are all called to serve the Lord with our time, talent, and treasures. We can each do our part to build up the Body of Christ, which is us, the church. Our parish relies on strong, loyal and respectful children of God who can take up their role as a true Servant of Christ. Mart Mariam Church provides community service hours to all of it’s volunteers. Positions including ushers, servers, youth leaders, parking lot crew, and other positions will be available. If you feel called to serve in a greater purpose, please feel free to contact the church office.


There are many ways for you to help out and volunteer including joining one of our committees tasked with operating an aspect of the Church’s daily functions.  If you believe you have a calling to serve your parish in a greater purpose, please email office@martmariamchurch.org.  God Bless!

Called To Christ (CTC) is our high school youth group at Mart Mariam! CTC offers high schoolers (Grades 9-12) a special way to build a relationship with God. This program is meant for dealing with the pressures teenagers face in school, out of school, and within themselves.

FGG (For Greater Glory) is Mart Mariam’s middle school program that is geared toward middle school girls and boys to bring them to a closer relationship with God.

Catechism & Communion teachers help to educate students on the importance of living out their faith & preparing students for the First Holy Communion.  Catechism & Communion classes are on Saturdays and begin in September.