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Rev. Ayad Khanjaro, Pastor
Rev. Rodney Abasso, Parochial Vicar

Mart Mariam Chaldean Catholic Church was established in 1986 by Father Edward Bikoma, who was also the pastor of Mar Ephrem Chaldean Catholic Church in Chicago, founded in 1904. Both parishes are under the jurisdiction of His Excellency, Mar Francis Y Kalabat, Bishop of the Chaldean Eparchy of St. Thomas the Apostle of USA. Following Father Bikoma was Father Sanharib Youkhana from 2006-2011, and next Father Fawaz Kako served as Pastor from 2011-2018. From 2018-current, the Pastor is Father Ayad Khanjaro.

The goal of our parish is simple, to get souls to heaven! We have a wide variety of activities and volunteer opportunities for you to join us in that goal. Special focuses in the parish involve the Sacred Scriptures, Eucharist and Reconciliation, and being guided by the Catholic Church’s teachings.


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